Shopify - Configure Integration


This article outlines the steps to integrate a Shopify store with PackageBee for automated fulfillment.

  1. Configure product SKUs
  2. Assign SKUs to product variants
  3. Export SKUs from Shopify
  4. Gather shipping methods
  5. Gather API credentials
  6. Enable API access
  7. Order import status
  8. Import orders by tag
  9. Note about Shopify Plus

Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Orders with no line items
  2. Inventory Errors

Configure product SKUs

First, check that the product SKUs defined in Shopify are identical to the SKUs defined in the fulfillment provider's warehouse management system.

Assign SKUs to product variants

By default, Shopify does not assign unique SKUs to product variants, so it's important to assign each variant a unique SKU.

Assign SKUs to product variants in Shopify.

Export SKUs from Shopify

For convenience, product SKUs can be exported from Shopify, to ensure they match the SKUs defined in the fulfillment provider WMS.

Export SKUs from Shopify.

Gather shipping methods

Gather the exact shipping method names defined in Shopify, so they can be mapped to the corresponding carrier codes defined at the warehouse.

Gather shipping methods from Shopify.

Gather API credentials

Confirm that the user account for API access has a minimum set of permissions in Shopify.

Gather API credentials from Shopify.

Enable API access

Configure the Shopify store in PackageBee.

Enable API Access in PackageBee.

Order import status

By default, orders with financial status "Paid" and fulfillment status "Unfulfilled" are imported to DropStream. Additional statuses can be configured in the store settings.

Review order import statuses for Shopify.

Import orders by tag

By request, PackageBee support can add a Tag Filter to the connection, so only orders with a specific tag are imported.

Optionally import orders by Shopify tag.

Note about Shopify Plus

PackageBee supports Shopify Plus, which doubles the API transaction rate.

Troubleshooting Tips

Orders with no line items

Orders imported from Shopify can be excluded by a fulfillment service at the line-item level. For this reason, orders in your PackageBee store may occasionally be imported from Shopify without line items.

Troubleshoot orders with no line items.

Inventory Errors

If you encounter inventory errors, ensure that your Fulfillment Service and Location are set correctly in both PackageBee and Shopify, then reprocess the associated orders.

Troubleshoot inventory errors.

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