Getting Started, Step 4: Test Your Setup

After you have connected a Store and a Warehouse, and customized the integration, we recommend that you monitor the first set of orders to verify that they are entering your system correctly. You can do this either with real orders, or with test orders.

  • Real orders - Once integration is enabled as described above, PackageBee will automatically pull in live real orders and send them to your WMS. You can process these orders as normal.
  • Test orders - Most eCommerce systems allow store administrators to create orders for testing purposes. We recommend that you will create two test orders from within their eCommerce system, and you process these dummy orders using dummy tracking information.

What to watch out for:

  1. Verify that orders are entering PackageBee correctly from the eCommerce system.
  2. Verify that orders are entering your WMS correctly from PackageBee.
  3. Process the orders by marking them as Shipped in the WMS and adding tracking information.
  4. After the Order has been processed, verify that the Store has been updated along with any tracking information.

When testing, keep in mind that it will take 15 minutes for a WMS to be updated and 4 hours for a store to be updated (see above).

That's it — you're all set! PackageBee is automatically importing orders from the shopping cart in your online Store to your warehouse management system, and sending tracking information from the WMS back to the Store.

Want to know more?

  • Request support with any further questions, we're here to help with anything you need.


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