How Do I Upload my WMS Shipping Codes?

This article outlines the steps to upload your Carrier Code mappings to PackageBee.

Download and edit Template CSV

To begin, download the Template CSV, which contains examples of how the CSV should be formatted. The CSV can be edited to suit your needs in any spreadsheet application.

Edit CSV in spreadsheet application, then save as CSV.

When editing is complete, save your file with a new name. Make sure the file is saved as CSV file type.

Upload CSV to PackageBee

  1. In your PackageBee Dashboard, in the upper-right, click Account Settings.

In PackageBee Dashboard, click Account Settings.

  1. Click the WMS tab.

In Account Settings, click the WMS tab.

  1. Click Carrier Codes.

Click Carrier Codes

  1. On the left, click Import carrier codes.

Import Carrier Codes

  1. If you have not already downloaded and edited the template CSV, you can do so now. There is a Template CSV link under Import Carrier Codes - Template File. Edit this file to suit your needs before proceeding. When you save your changes, make sure to save the file as CSV.

Download Template File

  1. Under Select File, click Browse.

Under Select File, click Browse.

  1. Select the edited CSV file from your computer, and click Open.

Select the edited CSV file on your computer, and click Open.

  1. In the dropdown menu under the file name, choose from the following import options:
  • Ignore mappings that already exist - If a mapping in the CSV would overwrite an existing mapping for that code in PackageBee, it is ignored. (This is the default.)
  • Overwrite mappings that already exist - Mappings in your CSV will overwrite an existing mapping for that code if it exists.

Select the import overwrite mode from the drodown menu.

  1. Click Upload.

Click Upload.

Note: If you encounter any issues creating or uploading your Carrier Code CSV file, email PackageBee Support for assistance.


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