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PackageBee offers free support, 24/7. You can always review support documents, FAQs, and how-tos in our Support Center, or get in touch with PackageBee Support about any questions you may have.

Access the Support Center

From the PackageBee Dashboard, click your Account Name in the upper-right, then click Support Center.

In PackageBee Dashboard, click your Account name, then Support Center.

In the Support Center, you can search for help on a specific question, and browse support articles and documentation:

PackageBee Support Center

  • Guides — Information about how PackageBee works, and how it streamlines your workflow.
  • Integrations — Documentation and instructions specific to your eCommerce platform and fulfillment provider.
  • FAQ — How do I update inventory for all products in my Store? How can I temporarily stop orders from going to my warehouse? What is a Connection, and how can I enable and disable it? Find answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

Get in touch

For a specific question or inquiry, don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

PackageBee Support Request

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