Delete Orders

To remove an order from PackageBee's system completely, you can delete it.

When you delete an order in PackageBee, the order is not deleted from your eCommerce store. If an order is only deleted in PackageBee and not in your store, PackageBee will import the order again. If you want to retain the order in your eCommerce store, but do not want PackageBee to import it again, you should archive it instead. An order that is archived will receive no further PackageBee processing.

Deleting an order in PackageBee is advisable if the order has been edited in the eCommerce store after it was imported to PackageBee. Deleting the order in PackageBee will then delete the original order's data in PackageBee, and import the edited order from your eCommerce store.

Note: Orders that have been deleted in PackageBee cannot be restored, but are re-imported automatically if they have not been deleted from the eCommerce store.

Important: Depending on how your WMS is configured, deletion of orders in PackageBee may result in duplicated orders.

Delete Orders

  1. In your PackageBee Dashboard, click Orders.

In your PackageBee Dashboard, click Orders.

  1. Select one or more orders by checking the box next to the External ID.1

Select one or more orders by checking the box next to their External ID.

  1. Click Delete.

Click Delete.

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