Exigo - Configure API Access

In order to enable API access, you must whitelist the PackageBee IP address, and create a dedicated API user account in Exigo.

Whitelist PackageBee IP address

Before the integration can be activated, the PackageBee IP address must be added to the Exigo IP Whitelist.

Follow the instructions in the attached PDF to whitelist the PackageBee IP address:

PDF Exigo API IP Restrictions (3-31-2021).PDF

Add an API user in Exigo

Create a new user in Exigo that will be used for API authentication. Then, configure its API permissions:

  1. In Exigo, click Administration > Users.
  2. Select the new Exigo user from the list.
  3. Click Edit Data Gateway Permissions.
  4. Click the API Access tab, and select Allow API Access.
  5. Click Save.

Gather credentials in Exigo.

Retain the Username and Password of the API user.

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