Shopify New User Guide - Step 5: Reset Orders to Apply Shipping Transformer Rules

With the Shipping Transformer rules in place, all new orders imported to PackageBee can be sent to the fulfillment provider with the correct Carrier Code. However, the orders you already imported, which are currently in error, are not automatically resolved because order rules are only applied when the order is imported, or when it is manually Reset.

In the next steps, we'll Reset the errored orders, applying the Shipping Transformer rules, which will resolve the errors so the orders can be sent for fulfillment.

Reset errored orders

First, let's Reset a single errored Order.

  1. In the PackageBee sidebar, click Orders, and click an order number.
  1. On the Order Detail page, in the upper right, click Actions, and select Reset. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.

The order is reset, and the new Shipping Transformer rules are applied to the order. If there are no other errors, the order is sent to the fulfillment provider. The status in the upper-right indicates progress. When the fulfillment provider acknowledges successful receipt of the order, its status moves to Open in PackageBee.

There may be additional errors to be resolved, depending on the order data and the requirements of the fulfillment provider. If so, a red box will be displayed on the Order Detail page with a message indicating the nature of the error.

For example, if the order contains no name in the Shipping Address, the fulfillment provider may reject the order. If so, you can Edit the Shipping Address from the Order Details page in PackageBee, then Reprocess the order to retry sending it to the warehouse.

If you encounter an error and aren't sure how to resolve it, email with the Store name and Order number, and our support team will advise how to resolve it.

Reset multiple orders

If you imported multiple orders before creating the Shipping Transformer rules, the others will also need to be Reset. Follow these steps to reset multiple orders at once.

  1. In the PackageBee sidebar, click Orders.
  1. Click the "Search/Filter" orders field. Click the "Fulfillment Status" drop-down menu, and select Error. Then, click the Magnifying Glass icon to search for all orders in Error state.
  1. Click the checkbox next to specific orders you'd like to Reset, or click the checkbox in the header to select all orders on the page. (By default, 25 orders are shown per page in the search results. You can increase this with the "Show entries" drop-down menu.)
  1. To reset the selected orders, click the Reset button above the list.

Now that orders have been sent to the fulfillment provider, the next step is to enable the Connection's Shipments channel, so tracking information can be synced to Shopify after the fulfillment provider ships the orders.

Next: Enable Shipment Sync

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