• Import Schedule
    PackageBee imports orders from your online store to its processing server for fulfillment automation. This order synchronization happens according ... read article
  • About Inventory
    PackageBee supports inventory updates from the fulfillment provider to the sales platform. Inventory updates are a one way path: Fulfillment Pro... read article
  • Integration Functionality Matrix
    PackageBee builds our integrations to support the maximum level of data transfer available. Each e-commerce system supports varying levels of order... read article
  • About Account Settings
    Utilize Account Settings to configure the administrative options for PackageBee. Account Settings contains the following sections:     Account... read article
  • Modifying Billing Information
    To modify your billing information:     From the PackageBee Dashboard, click your Account Name in the upper right and select Account Settin... read article
  • Available Payment Options
    PackageBee accepts different payment methods depending on payment type:     Monthly Subscription Payments Annual Subscription Payments O... read article
  • Archiving Orders
    Rather than deleting orders, orders can be archived instead. Deleting orders may have implications for your fulfillment provider, and depending on ... read article
  • Deleting Orders
    Before deleting or archiving orders, it is important to understand the implication of doing so. Based on how your WMS has been setup, deletion of o... read article
  • Searching for Orders
    ​To search for a specific order:    Go to you desired Store in PackageBee Orders will be shown read article
  • Searching for Orders (to come)
    It is possible to search DropStream for a specific order number. It should be noted that this is a rough search and partial strings may not return ... read article
  • Editing Orders
    In some circumstances it might be necessary to edit specific fields of an order processed by PackageBee. For example, if there are issues processin... read article
  • Resetting Orders
    To reset orders:     From the PackageBee Dashboard, click Orders   Click on desired Order Click Actions > Reset ... read article
  • About Orders in PackageBee
    Setting a Store Integration to  Enabled  will begin the process of automatically sending orders from the e-commerce cart to your fulfillment provid... read article
  • Including Only A Specific SKU In An Order
    In some instances, you may want only include one specific SKU in an order. To only include one specific SKU in an order, you will need to create an... read article
  • Allowing API Access to General Fulfillment Provider
    The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for automated communication between connected systems. In order to connect to your fulfillment p... read article
  • Deleting a Store
    To delete a Store:      From the PackageBee DashBoard, click Stores   Click on the Store you would like to Delete  ... read article
  • About Order Rules
    PackageBee features a robust custom rules engine that allows you to tailor your integration to your unique workflows. You can create custom Order R... read article
  • Creating a Store Integration
    This article walks you through the steps of setting up a Store Integration. Steps include:     Adding a Store Connecting to Your Fulfillment... read article
  • About EDI Integrations
    DropStream supports EDI integrations. However, it is important to note that there are significant differences between EDI Integrations and the stan... read article
  • Disabling a Store
    Disabling your store will stop the process of automatically pulling in orders from your e-commerce cart and pushing them to your fulfillment provid... read article

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