Amazon Marketplace - Grant API User Admin Permissions

To access the Amazon Selling Partner API, you will need to authorize the connection PackageBee using the credentials (username/password) of either:

  • The Primary Seller account, or
  • a designated user account with full Admin permissions, which we will call the "API User." (recommended)

Set Admin Permissions for API User

To create a new API User with full Admin permissions, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Seller Central as the Primary Seller, and select Settings > User Permissions.

In Seller Central, click Settings, User Permissions.

  1. Under Add a New User, enter a Name and Email address, and click Invite.

Invite the new API User.

Note: The invited user must either already have an Amazon account, or register one when accepting the invitation. If it is a new Amazon account, the associated mobile phone number must not already be registered with Amazon. Two-factor authentication is required either by SMS or authenticator app.

  1. The invited user should click the link in the invitation email, select the marketplace for the Seller Central account, and enable two-factor auth with a unique mobile phone number or authentication app.
  2. As the Primary Seller, in Settings > User Permissions, find the new user and click Manage Permissions.

Next to the API User, click Manage Permissions.

  1. Next to each category of permissions, click the Admin button to allow full admin permissions for the API user. (The listed permissions may look slightly different than in the screenshot below, but grant "Admin" for each available section.)

Grant Admin permissions for each category, then click Continue.

  1. At the bottom of the page, click Continue to grant the permissions.

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