3PL Central - Gather API Credentials

The following credentials are required to connect to the 3PL Central REST API:

Credential name How to obtain it Example
Client ID 3PL Central: Merchant > Edit Setup 5b16c2c7-d283-2a0f-516b-2b30adf7253c
Client Secret 3PL Central: Merchant > Edit Setup DbaACYs36SaM1TbCfoz5BKdfsB+8dKUd
TPL Key GUID shown in the 3PL Central login URL, following 3pl=. {71a8a994-3613-4b13-891b-9c589062a177}
User Login ID Request from support@3plcentral.com 123
Customer ID Request from support@3plcentral.com 456
Facility ID 3PL Central: Admin > Manage Warehouses, in the first column of the facilities grid 1

For assistance in gathering any of these credentials, contact your 3PL Central support representative.

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