About Shipments

The PackageBee Shipments view provides information about orders that have been shipped from the Warehouse to the end customer. It can be accessed by clicking Shipments in the left pane of the PackageBee Dashboard.

In PackageBee Dashboard, click Shipments.

This opens the Shipments view, where you can search and filter your shipments, and view detailed information about them.

PackageBee Shipments view

List shipments

The Shipments view provides a list of all shipments and their most vital information.

List shipments in PackageBee.

Search for shipments

You can search for shipments by tracking number, and filter your shipments by merchant, store, status, and other key data.

Search for shipments in PackageBee.

View shipment details

Click the tracking number to find detailed shipment information — carrier, shipped date, freight cost, etc. — and view a timeline of shipment events.

View shipment details in PackageBee.

Review shipment status

Use the State filter to find shipments that have specific fulfillment status.

Review shipment status in PackageBee.

Reprocess or reset shipments

If an error occurs, you can reprocess or reset shipments to retry processing.

Reprocess or reset shipments in PackageBee.

Edit schedule

By default, shipment data is updated every four hours in PackageBee. You can edit this interval in your Connection Control Panel.

Edit shipment schedule in PackageBee.

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