Reorder, Edit, or Delete Rules

Along with the power to create rules that support and help your workflow, you have the ability to reorder, edit, and delete rules as needed.


In planning and adding your rules, keep in mind that the order of rules is important. The rule engine processes rules in a top down manner. If a later rule conflicts with a rule earlier in the progression, the later rule overrides the previous rule.

For example: if the first rule in your list maps all orders that have Billing Country "CA" to be sent via FedEx-Intl Priority, but a later rule in your list maps ALL orders to be sent via FedEx - Ground, then all orders will be sent via FedEx - Ground, regardless of their billing country. The order of these rules should therefore be reversed with the more specific rule coming later.

As a basic rule of thumb, the more general a rule, the higher it should be on your list of rules. The more specific a rule, the lower is should be on your list.


To reorder rules:

  1. Open the desired store.
  2. Click the Rules tab.

PackageBee - Rules

All your rules for the store will be listed.

  1. Minimize the rules by clicking the PackageBee - Up-down icon collapse icon in the upper left of corner any rule.

PackageBee - Minimize rules

  1. Move your mouse over the two-directional triangles until your pointer changes to the PackageBee - Closed_hand.png closed hand icon. Left-click the rule that you would like to move and drag it to its new location in the order.

PackageBee - Move a rule

Once your rule is in place, you are done. PackageBee automatically saves the new ordering.


To edit rules:

  1. From the Reordering Rules section, if the rules are already collapsed, click the PackageBee - Down arrow icon expand icon on the right side of the rule that you wish to see.

PackageBee - Expand a rule .

  1. Click Edit Rule next to the rule you wish to change.

PackageBee - Edit a rule

  1. Edit the rule. There are many fields that you can edit, see the articles about creating rules for details.
  2. To apply your edits, click Save changes.

PackageBee - Save a rule


To delete rules:

  1. From the rules list, select the rule that you wish to delete by clicking Edit rule.

PackageBee - Edit a rule

  1. On the Edit page for that specific rule, click Delete rule.

PackageBee - Delete a rule

  1. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the rule. Once the rule is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.
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