Order Item Attribute Transformer Rule

The Order Item Attribute Transformer rule is used to change the existing attribute values of order items,  for example to update the unit price, or to change the SKU from ABC to DEF.

This rule has the following parameters:

  • Attribute - A list of attributes of an order item that can be used to filter order items, e.g. SKU.

  • Value type - The type of the attribute value; e.g. number.
  • Value - The value assigned to the attribute, e.g. DEF.

To add a new Order item attribute transformer rule,

  1. Open the desired store.
  2. Go to the Rules tab.

    PackageBee - Rules
  3. Click +Add a Rule

    PackageBee - Add a rule
  4. Name your rule, click +Add Action, and then select Do something with each order item from the dropdown menu.

    PackageBee - Transform order items
  5. Select Compare Order Item Attribute from the dropdown.

    PackageBee - Compare order item attribute
  6. Choose the attribute to transform from the Attribute dropdown, and enter the value of the attribute that should be changed. Then click the blue + Add action  button next to THEN. 

    PackageBee - Specify an attribute and a value
  7. Select Set order_item attribute  from the dropdown. 

    PackageBee - Set order item attribute
  8. Select the attribute to transform and enter the new value to be assigned.

    PackageBee - Specify a new attribute value
  9. Click Save changes.

For instructions on how to change the values of order attributes, see Order Attribute Transformer Rule.

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