Disable a Store

If you want to pause the automatic import of orders from your eCommerce cart, you can set the Store to Disabled in PackageBee.


  • Disabling a Store does not remove it from your PackageBee account. Billing for the Store continues while is disabled. If you wish to stop being billed for an existing Store, you must permanently delete it.
  • If you have a specific schedule when you want the Store to be enabled or disabled, email PackageBee Support at support@packagebee.com to inquire about customizing the Rules for your Store.

Disable a Store

  1. In your PackageBee Dashboard, click Stores.

In PackageBee Dashboard, click Stores.

  1. Click the name of the Store you want to disable.

Click the name of the Store to disable.

  1. In Store Settings, in General Information, click the Enabled button to change it to Disabled.

Click the Enabled button to change it to Disabled.

Enabled -> Disabled.

  1. Click Save changes.

Save changes.

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