Business Catalyst - Review Order Status

When you set your connection to Enabled, PackageBee begins the process of automatically importing orders from Business Catalyst.

Order Status

PackageBee imports orders from Business Catalyst that have the following status:

  • Purchase-Payment Received

Only orders with this status are imported by PackageBee.

Note: Orders must be fully paid before they can be processed by PackageBee. Partially-paid orders are not processed.

After orders are processed by PackageBee, the status in Adobe Business Catalyst remains set to Purchase-Payment Received. PackageBee does not modify the status during the fulfillment process.

View order status in Business Catalyst

To view orders in Business Catalyst:

  1. In Business Catalyst, click CRM > Orders.

In Business Catalyst, click CRM, Orders.

  1. Click View to see payments applied against an order.

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