LimeLight - Gather API Credentials

In order to enable API access to LimeLight, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • Admin URL
  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Campaigns

Create API Account

To allow API access, you must create a LimeLight API Account.

  1. In LimeLight, go to Admin Settings > API Accounts.
  2. Click Add API User.

  1. Enter details for the new user, then click Save.

API user details

NOTE: If you see the message This order was placed by unlinked API user, the user has not been updated to include the newly-added user data fields. (The API account access/functionality hasn't changed, however full reports on that user's API calls are not available.) Add this additional information to allow for more meaningful analysis of API activity.

For API accounts that you have already created, you can search for them by ID, or list of IDs, by entering the search criteria in the search field.

The API Accounts interface is available to users who are assigned to the administrator and technical departments within your system. An API password will automatically be generated by the system once a username is created for your API user. The generated API username and password can then be used in conjunction with our Transaction and Membership API. There is no limit on the number of API users that can be created in your system.

API Account Permissions

When you edit the permissions for an API user, the API Account Permissions page will allow you to enable or disable API methods for an API user. Examples of the permissions that can be set within our Transaction and Membership API are listed below.

Campaign Permissions

On the API Account Permissions page, you have the ability to restrict or allow certain campaigns for your API Users; just select edit next to campaign permissions in order to set these permissions.

Enable the following permissions:

  • order_find
  • order_view
  • order_update
  • campaign_find_active
  • validate_credentials

All other permissions can be disabled.

API Account Permissions

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