DropStream Warehouse File Exchange Description

The DropStream Warehouse File Exchange integration is an actively supported file based Warehouse Management System integration that uses a predefined file exchange process to exchange three types of files:

1. Sales Order files
2. Shipment Confirmation files
3. Inventory files

Sample formats for these file types are attached to this support article and can be downloaded.

See the Support article for the detailed specifications for the flat file format: Flat File Specifications 

These files are transferred via FTP, with the following requirements:

FTP Requirements:
  • The root directory must be define two folders, /in and /out.
  • File format is CSV
  • Inbound files, such as Sales Orders, will be placed into the /in directory with the file naming convention ord__YYMMDDhhmmss.csv (see attached file for format) 
  • Outbound shipments must be placed into the /out directory with the file naming convention shp*.csv. Ex. shp_YYMMDD.csv (see attached file for format)
  • Outbound inventory must be placed into the /out directory with the file naming convention inv*.csv. Ex. inv_YYMMDD.csv (see attached file for format)
  • Each merchant must have a unique FTP login

We support the following File Transfer Protocols:
  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • SFTP (SSH + FTP)

The file transfer service can be hosted by the user or by DropStream, whichever is preferred. 

Batch File Processing Specifications

Information on the Pick Header, Pick Detail, Field Lists, and Batch File Specifications is detailed in the DropStream Batch File Processing Specifications document. This document is attached to this article and can be downloaded.
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