About Inventory

PackageBee supports inventory updates from the fulfillment provider to the sales platform. Inventory updates are a one way path:

Fulfillment Provider    PackageBee    Sales Platform

PackageBee is agnostic to inventory quantities in the sale platform; it is only aware of inventory updates received from the fulfillment provider.

Update Conditions

PackageBee will push inventory updates to the sales platform in two instances:

  1. When PackageBee receives an updated quantity for a SKU, PackageBee will send that updated quantity to the sales platform for that SKU.
  2. If PackageBee has not received an updated quantity from the fulfillment provider for a SKU in the previous 7 days, then PackageBee will push an inventory update to the sales platform of the last quantity received from the fulfillment provider.

By default, PackageBee updates only those inventory items that have changed since the most recent sync.

To update the inventory between a newly connected Store and Warehouse, you must enable inventory sync. The default update interval is every 60 minutes, but you can customize this schedule.

Inventory View

The contents of the updated inventory are displayed in PackageBee in the Inventory view.

PackageBee Inventory view

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