3PL Central - (SOAP) Gather API Credentials

In order to enable API Access to 3PL Central, you must gather the required API credentials.

Gather SOAP API credentials from 3PL Central

The following credentials are required to connect to the 3PL Central SOAP API:

3PL Central API Key The company's database in 3PL Central
3PL Central API ID The company's database ID in 3PL Central
Customer Login The username created in 3PL Central database by the warehouse
(Set under Customer > Customer Users)
Customer Password The password set up in 3PL Central for the login
(Set under Customer > Customer Users)
Customer ID The ID of the customer in 3PL Central
(Found under Customer > Manage Customers)

Optional credentials

Facility ID ID of the warehouse where the products are assigned and managed
(Found under Admin > Manage Warehouses)

For assistance in gathering any of these credentials, contact your 3PL Central representative.


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