Walmart Marketplace - Gather API Credentials

Follow these steps to gather credentials for the Walmart Marketplace API.

Note: Walmart Marketplace and Walmart Drop Ship Vendor require different API credentials. For Walmart DSV, please see:

PackageBee Integration - Walmart Drop Ship Vendor.

In order to enable API access, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

To gather these credentials, you must have been previously approved to sell items on Walmart Marketplace, and signed up for a Seller account.

  1. Using your Seller account username and password, log in to Walmart Developer Center.

Walmart - Developer Center

  1. Select Your Account Name > API Keys from the top menu in the Developer Center.
  2. Select DropStream as the Solution Provider in the dropdown and click Add Provider.
  3. Set the following permissions for DropStream:
  • Get Feeds - Full Access
  • Inventory - Full Access
  • Order - Full Access
  1. Next to DropStream, click API Key.
  2. Retain your unique Client ID and Client Secret.

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