ApparelMagic - Gather API Credentials

In order to enable API access to ApparelMagic, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • Account Subdomain
  • API Token
  • Warehouse Name
  • Inventory Vendor Name

Note: An Inventory Vendor Name, which identifies the source of goods, must be set in order to create the Receiver.

If there are no physical goods being received, ApparelMagic recommends creating and using a "virtual vendor," referred to as an Inventory Adjustment Vendor, for the purpose of inventory adjustments.

Gather API Credentials from ApparelMagic

  1. Navigate to the user dashboard for ApparelMagic
  2. Take note of the Account Subdomain used for your account.
  3. Click Settings API and make note of the API Token.

Find the API token in ApparelMagic

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