NuORDER - Gather API Credentials

In order to enable API access, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret Key
  • Token
  • Token Secret Key

Gather API credentials from NuORDER

  1. In NuORDER, click Settings icon > Settings > API Management to go to API Management Settings.

In NuORDER, go to Settings (gear icon), Settings, API Management Settings.

  1. Retain the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key, and email these credentials to

Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key.

  1. PackageBee Support will initiate the first API call to your NuORDER store.
  2. In NuORDER, approve the external application PB_DEV.
  3. When approval is complete, under Approved Applications, retain the displayed Token and Token Secret for PB_DEV.

Token and Token Secret

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