eBay - Enable API Access

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for automated communication between connected systems. In order to automate fulfillment, API access must be enabled.

Required API credentials

The following eBay credentials are required to enable API access:

  • User ID - Your username or user ID is the unique name you chose when you created your eBay account. It’s the name other eBay members see when you’re buying or selling with them.
  • Username - The Username you use to log in to eBay.
  • Password - The Password you use to log in to eBay.

Enter API credentials in PackageBee

  1. In your PackageBee Dashboard, click Stores.

In PackageBee Dashoard, click Stores.

  1. Click the name of your eBay Store.
  2. In Connection Details, enter your eBay User ID.
  3. Click Authorize.

Enter the name of your eBay store, and click Authorize.

  1. An eBay login window opens. Enter your eBay Username and Password, and click Sign in.

Log in to eBay.

  1. Click I agree to grant API access to PackageBee. When authorization is successful, the eBay window closes.
  2. Click Save changes.

Save changes.

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