Stitch Labs - Enable API Access

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for automated communication between connected systems. In order to automate fulfillment, API access must be enabled.

  1. Gathering API Credentials from Stitch Labs
  2. Entering API Credentials in PackageBee

Gather API credentials from Stitch Labs

First, make sure you have the Stich Labs credentials required to enable API access:

  1. Domain - The web address of your Stitch Labs store.
  2. Username - The username of your Stitch Labs account.
  3. Password - The password of your Stitch Labs account.

Enter API Credentials in PackageBee

To add the store and enter the API credentials in PackageBee:

  1. In your PackageBee Dashboard, click Connections.

In PackageBee Dashboard, click Connections.

  1. In the upper-right, click +Add Connection.

Click +Add Connection.

  1. The Connection Wizard opens. In Basic information, Enter a name for the new connection. Click Continue.

In Basic information, enter a name for the connection, and click Continue.

  1. In Warehouse setup, Select the warehouse to use with this connection, or create a new one by providing a warehouse name, selecting the warehouse platform, and entering the warehouse credentials. Click Continue.

Select an existing warehouse, or enter a name and credentials for a new warehouse, then click Continue.

  1. In Store setup, Enter a name for the new Stitch Labs store, and select Stitch Labs as the platform.

Enter a name for your Stitch Labs store, then select Stitch Labs as the platform.

  1. In Connection details, click Authorize.

Click Authorize.

  1. A Stitch Labs window opens. Enter your credentials (domain, username, and password) to log in.
  2. The Stitch Labs window closes. In PackageBee, click Add Connection to complete the setup.

In PackageBee, click Add Connection.

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