Abandoned Orders

If PackageBee receives no shipment data for an order within a set number of days, the order is automatically placed in Abandoned Pending Shipment status.


Abandoned status is equivalent to Archived. No further processing will occur to the order, unless it is manually Reprocessed.

Importantly, this means that if an order is shipped after it has entered Abandoned status, the order must be manually Reprocessed in PackageBee before shipment tracking will be applied to the order and notified back to the sales channel.

How long before an order becomes Abandoned?

By default, an order will remain in Open status for 45 days, after which it transitions automatically to Abandoned status.

How to Move an Order Out of Abandoned Status

After an order is Abandoned, it will not receive tracking from the warehouse unless it is manually Reprocessed.

  1. Click Orders in the left navigation pane.
  2. Search for the order by order number, or by fulfillment status Abandoned in the search bar.


  1. Check the box to the left of one or more Abandoned orders to select them.
  2. Click the Reprocess button at the top right of the search results.


Or, while viewing the details of any Abandoned order, you can select Actions > Reprocess.


Reprocessed orders will immediately transition back to Open status, and remain open for another 45 days.

Can I change the number of days until an order is Abandoned?

To request a different timeframe for orders transitioning to Abandoned status, email our support team at support@packagebee.com.

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