Quiet Logistics - Gather API Credentials

To connect to the Quiet Logistics API, the following credentials are required:

  • Client ID
  • Business Unit
  • Warehouse ID
  • Access Key Id
  • Secret Key


To gather those credentials, you must have already registered for a Quiet Logistics account. You will also need to have an active AWS (Amazon Web Services) account because Quiet Logistics uses Amazon SQS (Amazon Simple Queue Service) and Amazon S3 for their fulfillment management.

Client ID, Business Unit, Warehouse ID

To find your Client ID, Business Unit and Warehouse ID, log in to your Quiet Logistics account, or contact Quiet Logistics for assistance.

Access Key ID, Secret Key

To find your Access Key Id and Secret Key, locate the AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key that you downloaded when you first created them. If that is not possible, you can generate new AWS access keys as follows:

  1. Log in to Amazon Web Services.

AWS login

  1. In the AWS console top menu, select Account Name > My Security Credentials.

AWS - API keys

  1. Select Access keys (access key ID and secret access key) in the center pane, and click Create New Access Key.

AWS - Create access keys

  1. Download and save your keys in a secure location because Amazon does not allow users to retrieve their existing secret access keys later on (you will still have the opportunity to create new keys).

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