Shopify New User Guide - Step 6: Enable Shipment Sync

To sync tracking from the fulfillment provider back to Shopify, enable the Shipments channel in the Connection.

Enable shipment sync

  1. In the PackageBee sidebar, click Connections. Click your Connection name, then click the Shipments tab.
  1. In the Control Panel, click Actions, and select Enable order status import.

PackageBee will now poll the fulfillment provider once every four hours. If it finds tracking information for orders in Open status, it will import the shipments, and sync the tracking back to Shopify.

Shipments can be viewed on an Order Detail page under the Shipments tab, or by clicking Shipments in the sidebar, where they can be searched by tracking number and other criteria.

The Connection is now importing orders from Shopify every 15 minutes and shipment data from the fulfillment provider every four hours. Shipment tracking is being synced back to Shopify.

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