Shopify New User Guide - Step 4: Create Shipping Transformer Rules

Rules are the logical processes you define at the Store level, that operate on orders (or shipments) after they are imported to PackageBee.

Now that you've defined at least one Carrier Code, you need to tell PackageBee how to map these to the shipping descriptions on your orders. To do this, you need to create at least one Shipping Transformer rule in PackageBee.

Create Shipping Transformer Rules

  1. In the sidebar, click Stores, and click the name of your Shopify store.
  1. In the Store settings, click the Rules tab.
  1. Click +Add Rule.
  1. For the rule Name, enter "Shipping method transformer", replacing Shipping Method with the method you're mapping. For example, "Free shipping transformer". Click +Add Action.
  1. In the "Select action to perform" drop-down menu, select Shipping Transformer.
  1. In the "IF" clause of the rule, you'll see "Compare Order attribute" / "Shipping Description" / "is" / (blank). In the blank text field, enter the text of your shipping description, exactly as it appears on the order. For example, "Free shipping".

Note: The compared shipping description must match exactly, letter-for-letter, with the shipping method as it's defined in Shopify. However, the mapping is case-insensitive: it doesn't matter if the letters are uppercase or lowercase. For example, if the shipping method is "Free shipping" in Shopify, you can enter "FREE SHIPPING" in the Shipping Transformer rule, and it will match.

You can verify an order's shipping description in PackageBee by viewing the order detail page, and scrolling down to view its Shipping description field.

  1. If you have more than one Carrier Code defined, choose it now. In the "THEN" clause of the rule, next to "Ship Via," click EDIT and choose the Carrier/Service Level to be used for this shipping method, for example "UPS Ground".

If you only have one Carrier Code defined, it's chosen already, and you can skip this step.

  1. Click OK, then Save changes to save the rule and put it into effect.
  1. Repeat steps 3-8 as necessary to create a Shipping Transformer rule for each of your shipping methods defined in Shopify.

These Shipping Transformer rules will now be applied to any subsequent orders imported to PackageBee, mapping the shipping description to the carrier codes, and sending the orders to the fulfillment provider.

However, rules are not automatically applied to orders that were previously imported. To apply new rules to orders that already exist in PackageBee, those orders must be Reset. Resetting an order tells PackageBee to treat the order as if it had just been imported, including applying all order rules.

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