Shopify New User Guide - Step 3: Configure WMS Carrier Codes

In the previous steps, we imported orders to the connection. Next, we'll look at an Order, examine its error, and configure WMS carrier codes on the PackageBee account.

View Order Detail

If you're still viewing the Connection "Sales Orders" tab, you'll see your imported orders listed under "Recent Orders." Or, you can click "Orders" in the sidebar to view recently imported orders.

  1. Click an order number to view its detail page.
  1. On the Order detail page, you'll find all the vital information about the order: the lines, quantities, prices, subtotal, billing and shipping addresses, and more. If you scroll down you'll find extended order details, including the Shipping description. Here, the shipping description is "Free shipping".

At the top of the page, you'll see a red box calling out an error. PackageBee has imported the order, but it doesn't know how to translate the order's shipping method (such as "Free shipping") into a carrier code that would tell the warehouse how to ship the order.

This is one of the major functions PackageBee serves: it transforms shipping methods into warehouse-specific carrier codes, which comprise a shipping carrier (such as "UPS") and a shipping service level (such as "Ground").

To resolve this error, first you'll need to configure the carrier code your warehouse uses to ship orders with the shipping description on the order.

Configure WMS Carrier Codes

  1. In the header at the top of the page, on the right, click your Account Name and select Account Settings.
  1. On the Account Settings page, click the WMS tab, then click Carrier Codes.
  1. On the left, click Add Carrier Code.
  1. Enter the Carrier and Description (service level) that your fulfillment provider will use to orders that have the shipping description on the order you viewed. Then, enter the WMS Carrier Code your fulfillment provider expects on the order, which will represent the carrier + service level.

For example, if you want the order to ship UPS Ground, and your fulfillment provider represents this with the Carrier Code UPSG, enter the following values to configure the Carrier Code:

  • Carrier: UPS
  • Description: Ground
  • WMS Carrier Code: UPSG
  1. Click Create Carrier Mapping to save your mapping.
  1. Repeat this process as necessary, adding a new mapping for each shipping method available to your customers in Shopify. If you're not sure, you can come back to the WMS Carrier Codes configuration to add new mappings later.

Now, PackageBee knows how to send specific carrier codes to your fulfillment provider, but it still doesn't know which codes should be sent for which shipping methods.

Next, let's map each of your shipping descriptions to a carrier code by creating Shipping Transformer rules.

Next: Create Shipping Transformer Rules

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