Shopify New User Guide - Step 2: Enable Connection and Import Sales Orders

Next, let's enable the Connection, review the Store settings, and import sales orders from Shopify to PackageBee.

Enable the Connection

  1. In the PackageBee sidebar, click Connections.
  1. Locate your Connection. To the left of the Connection name, click the ON/OFF switch to toggle it ON. This is the master switch that enables or disables a connection. When the connection is OFF, no data is communicated between the connected systems. This swich must be ON to import orders, send them for fulfillment, and sync shipment data.

IMPORTANT: Your PackageBee account is billed per-Store, regardless of whether the Stores are enabled or disabled. Even when a Store or Connection is disabled, the data is still ready to go whenever you need it, so billing for the Store continues.

To cease billing for a store, the store must be deleted. Store deletion is permanent, and cannot be undone. For more information, see: Am I billed for a disabled Store?

  1. Click the Connection name to view it.

In the Connection view, notice that the Sales orders channel is currently disabled. Before we enable it, let's review the settings of your Shopify Store, in case any of the default values need to be changed.

Review Store Settings

  1. In the upper-right of the Connection view, click Actions, and select Store Settings.
  1. Review the Store settings. Most importantly, check that the Fulfillment Location is set to the Location defined in Shopify that will fulfill orders for this integration. Otherwise, PackageBee will not be able to sync order and shipment data correctly with Shopify.

Each PackageBee store/connection can support only one Shopify Location. To integrate with multiple locations, email PackageBee support at, and our support team will help you set up multiple connections for a single Shopify store.

For more information about configuring locations in Shopify, see:

The connection details also provide other options that may apply to your store. You can view a list of these here: Shopify - Optional settings

Import Sales Orders

Now, let's enable the Connection's Sales Orders channel, so we can import orders from Shopify.

By default, PackageBee imports orders from Shopify that have Financial Status "Paid" and Fulfillment Status "Unfulfilled".

  1. Go back to the Connection view: In the sidebar, click Connections, then click the connection name.
  1. Click the Sales Orders tab.
  1. In the "Sales Order Import" panel, click Actions, and select Enable Sales Order Sync.

Sales orders will now import from Shopify at a default interval of once every 15 minutes. You can also initiate an import manually. Let's do that now.

  1. Refresh the page (Ctrl+R, or Command+R on a Mac). In the "Sales Order Import" panel, click Actions, and select Import Sales Orders.
  1. The "Import Sales Orders" dialog opens. Click Import.
  1. After 20-30 seconds, refresh the page. If your Shopify store has orders in "Paid" and "Unfulfilled" status, you should see those orders have imported to PackageBee. You'll notice the imports appear on the "Total Orders" graph, and below that, the order numbers will be listed in the "Recent Orders" list.

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