Shopify New User Guide - Step 1: Create a Connection

First, let's create a new Connection in PackageBee. A Connection comprises a single integration between the sales channel (Shopify) and the Fulfillment Provider, including all the required credentials, settings, and data needed for those two systems to communicate.

Follow these steps to create a connection between Shopify and your Fulfillment Provider.

Create a new Connection

  1. In the PackageBee sidebar, click Connections.
  1. In the upper-right, click +Add Connection.
  1. The Connection Wizard opens. Under "Basic Information," enter a Connection name to uniquely identify this Connection. For example, if the Shopify store is named "Great Goods" and the fulfillment platform is ShipStation, you could name the Connection "Great Goods Shopify - ShipStation". Then, click Continue.
  1. Under "Warehouse Setup," for "Warehouse Name," enter a Warehouse name to identify the fulfillment provider for this store, for example "Great Goods - ShipStation".
  1. In the "Fulfillment Provider" dropdown, select the fulfillment provider platform, for example "ShipStation".
  1. Enter the Connection details for your selected fulfillment platform.

Note: For more information about setup for your specific fulfillment platform, go to the Order Destinations section in the PackageBee Knowledge Base, and choose your fulfillment platform. You'll find all the necessary information there, including how to Gather API Credentials, and enter them in the Warehouse Setup to Enable API Access.

After entering the Connection details, click Continue.

  1. Under "Store Setup," in the "Select a Store" dropdown, select the Store that corresponds to your Shopify store. (This was created for you automatically when you installed the PackageBee app in Shopify.) Then, click Add Connection.

Your connection is now created, although it's currently inactive. You can view it at any time by clicking Connections in the PackgeBee sidebar, then clicking the Connection name.

Next: Enable the Connection and import Sales Orders

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