Enabling PackageBee Access to Your VeraCore Account

To gather your API credentials from VeraCore for PackageBee, follow these steps: 1. Create a web service user for PackageBee This is done in your PMA database under Set-up > Web Service User Set-up. 2. In creating a new user you’ll assign a user ID... read article

Enabling PackageBee Access to Your SmartTurn Account

To enable access to your SmartTurn account, you'll need to enter the following credentials in PackageBee: i. Owner See Gathering API Credentials from SmartTurn to get your Owner Name Follow these steps to enter the necessary credential: 1. Once logged into PackageBee, navigate to your... read article

Gathering API Credentials from SmartTurn

The following credentials are needed to enable access to your SmartTurn account from PackageBee: i. Owner Name To gather your Owner Name, contact your SmartTurn representative to ask them to provide you with your Owner Name. Tell them you are setting up a PackageBee integration... read article

Enabling DropStream Access to Your Synapse Account

Gathering API Credentials from Synapse: In order to enable API Access to Synapse, you must gather the required API credentials for each merchant. The required credentials are: - Webservice URL - API Username - API Password - Facility ID - Customer ID To gather these... read article

AIMS360 - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access between PackageBee and the EasyShop API, the following credentials must be gathered: EasyShop Hostname (Ex: http://easyshopapi.aims360.com) EasyShop API username EasyShop API password To gather these credentials, email your AIMS360 contact and include the following: "We would like to setup... read article

About EDI Integrations

DropStream supports EDI integrations. However, it is important to note that there are significant differences between EDI Integrations and the standard eCommerce Integrations that DropStream provides. This article gives a background on EDI and how DropStream automates EDI integrations. EDI Background. EDI was the first... read article