How Can I Stop Orders from Going to My Fulfillment Provider?

The Disabling function will immediately stop the automated fulfillment process and orders will no longer be imported from the e-commerce system and sent to fulfillment provider's warehouse management system. Easily stop orders from being sent to your warehouse by Disabling Your Store. Disabling Your Store... read article

Should I use UPCs or SKUs with AIMS EasyShop?

When setting up my inventory should I use UPCs or SKUs with AIMS EasyShop? EasyShop defaults to UPCs but can be set up to use SKUs. PackageBee expects that orders coming from your sales channel will match whatever you have set up in EasyShop. If... read article

How do I enable debugging in PrestaShop?

In order to capture as much detail as possible when an error occurs connecting to PrestaShop, debugging must be enabled in PrestaShop. To enable debugging follow these steps: 1. go to config > defines.inc.php 2. change the line: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); set to true 3. you're... read article

Am I billed for a disabled store?

Disabling a store stops the automations on the store, but it does not remove the store from your account or remove it for billing purposes. If you do not want to be billed for a store, you need to delete the store. If you have... read article