Creating a Store Integration

This article walks you through the steps of setting up a Store Integration. Steps include: Adding a Store Connecting to Your Fulfillment Provider Configuring Your Store Integration Creating Order Rules Enabling Your Store Testing Orders Adding a Store Begin by Adding a Store. View this... read article

About Order Rules

PackageBee features a robust custom rules engine that allows you to tailor your integration to your unique workflows. You can create custom Order Rules on a per Store basis, and have them only apply to that Store. When orders from that Store are processed, PackageBee... read article

Deleting a Store

To delete a Store: From the PackageBee DashBoard, click Stores Click on the Store you would like to Delete Click Actions > Delete Confirm that you would like to Delete read article

Including Only A Specific SKU In An Order

In some instances, you may want only include one specific SKU in an order. To only include one specific SKU in an order, you will need to create an Order Item Attribute Filter Rule (with Negate Result) in DropStream. Creating Order Item Attribute Filter Rule... read article

About Orders in PackageBee

Setting a Store Integration to Enabled will begin the process of automatically sending orders from the e-commerce cart to your fulfillment provider's warehouse management system. During the automated fulfillment process, orders will be shown with status and updated as the fulfillment process advances. There are... read article

Editing Orders

In some circumstances it might be necessary to edit specific fields of an order processed by PackageBee. For example, if there are issues processing shipping or billing information with the warehouse management system, some changes might need to be entered into PackageBee (Example: if a... read article

Deleting Orders

Before deleting or archiving orders, it is important to understand the implication of doing so. Based on how your WMS has been setup, deletion of orders may not be the desired behavior and result in duplicated orders. To delete Orders: From the PackageBee Dashboard, click... read article

Archiving Orders

Rather than deleting orders, orders can be archived instead. Deleting orders may have implications for your fulfillment provider, and depending on how the fulfillment provider has been setup, deleting may cause problems such as duplicate orders. Archiving orders removes them from workflows, without destroying them.... read article