Infusionsoft - Allowing API Access

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for automated communication between connected systems. In order to automate fulfillment, API Access must be enabled. The following steps are required to enable API Access to Infusionsoft: Gathering API Credentials from Infusionsoft Entering API Credentials in PackageBee Gathering API... read article

Infusionsoft - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access to Infusionsoft, the following credentials must be gathered: Application Name Valid Admin User Credentials Gathering Application Name To gather the Application Name: Navigate to your Infusionsoft site. Copy the subdomain for the URL of the Infusionsoft admin panel (the... read article

Infusionsoft - Enabling Custom Fields

The Infusionsoft integration supports Custom Fields. To enabling custom fields the following steps are required: Creating Custom Fields Configuring Custom Fields Creating Custom Fields in Infusionsoft To create the custom fields in Infusionsoft: From the main navigation in Infusionsoft, click on the Admin Settings. For... read article

Infusionsoft - Configuring SKUs

Stock keeping units (SKU) are merchant defined codes used to uniquely identify products in a warehouse. It is critical that the SKUs defined in Infusionsoft match exactly to the SKUs loaded into your fulfillment provider's warehouse management system. Options for configuring SKUs include: Adding a... read article

Infusionsoft - Gathering Shipping Methods

Most businesses have unique shipping needs that are based on a variety of factors and limitations. Once you've decided which methods (and/or carriers) to offer, the only thing your shoppers need to do is choose a method when they place their orders. As part of... read article

Infusionsoft - Enabling Inventory Tracking

To enable inventory tracking for Infusionsoft store: Login to your Infusionsoft administration panel, navigate to the E-Commerce Module. Click the Settings tab. Click Yes next to the Track Inventory option. Click Save​. read article

Infusionsoft - Configuring for Automated Fulfillment

This article outlines the steps required for configuring your Infusionsoft integration. Steps include: Configuring product SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) Gathering Store Shipping Methods Enabling Inventory Tracking Enabling Custom Fields Reviewing Order Status Configuring the Product SKU Stock keeping units (SKU) are merchant defined codes used... read article