Ecwid - Allowing API Access

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for automated communication between connected systems. In order to automate fulfillment, API Access must be enabled. The following steps are required to enable API Access to Ecwid: Gathering API Credentials Entering API Credentials Gathering API Credentials from Ecwid In... read article

Ecwid - Gathering API Credentials

In order to enable API Access, the following credentials must be gathered: Store ID Gathering Store ID To obtain the Store ID: From the Ecwid Dashboard, click on My Profile Scroll to the bottom of the page. The Store ID is at the bottom right.... read article

Ecwid - Reviewing Order Status

Setting the integration to Enabled will begin the process of automatically sending orders from the e-commerce cart to the fulfillment provider. Order Statuses include: New - PackageBee will process all orders with status New Processing - Orders have been received by fulfillment provider Shipped -... read article

Ecwid - Configuring SKUs

Stock keeping units (SKU) are merchant defined codes used to uniquely identify products in a warehouse. It is critical that the SKUs defined in Ecwid match exactly to the SKUs loaded into your fulfillment provider's warehouse management system. To create a SKU for a product... read article