Creating an Order Item Transformer Rule

About the Order Item Transformer Rule

The Order Attribute Transformer allows you to replace order attributes with other previously configured values. (Example: For every line item with SKU "ABC" replace with SKU "DEF"). The Parameters for this rule are:

  • Attribute Name - A select list of attributes of a line item which can transformed. (Example: SKU)

  • Value - The value assigned to the attribute. (Example:

Creating the Order Item Transformer Rule

To add a new Order Attribute Transformer:

1. Open the desired Store

2. Click Actions > Settings

3. Click the Rules tab

4. Click +Add a Rule

5. Name your rule, click +Add Action, and then select Do something with each order item from the dropdown menu.

6. Select Compare Order Item Attribute, select the attribute to transform and enter the value of that attribute that should be changed.

7. Select Set order_item attribute, select the attribute to transform and enter the value to be set. Click OK and then Save Changes