VeraCore - Gathering/Creating API Credentials

Gathering API Credentials from VeraCore:
In order to enable API Access to VeraCore, you must gather the required API credentials for each merchant.
The required credentials are:
- VeraCore hostname (URL)
- Merchant Username
- Merchant Password

To gather your API credentials from VeraCore for DropStream, follow these steps:

1. Create a web service user for DropStream
  • This is done in your PMA database under Set-up > Web Service User Set-up.
2. In creating a new user you’ll assign a user ID and password. You’ll also select the OMS DropStream can access via the web service.
3. Finally, you’ll check off which web methods DropStream can call.
  • Select:
    • AddOrder
    • GetOrderInfo
    • GetOffers