How To Use Logical Operators (And, Or, & Not) In Setting Up Rules

A powerful tool for DropStream users, you have the ability to use the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT when setting up your order rules. Logical operators give you greater control setting the logic of your rules. For example, if orders that are being shipped to Canada AND that require a signature need to be sent FedEx International Priority, you can set one rule that looks for both conditions to be met.

How the logical operators work within the context of DropStream:
  • AND - both conditions need to be met for the rule to apply
    • The following step-by-step guide is an example of the AND operator
  • OR - only one of the conditions needs to be met for the rule to apply
    • Example - needing to reject orders if the shipping destination country OR the billing address country is Great Britain
  • NOT - the rule will apply to anything that is not the value that you set
    • Example - needing to filter out all order items that do not match certain SKUs

In order to utilize the logical operators follow these steps (Example screenshots will will walk through the setup for the example rule listed above):

1. Start by clicking +Add Rule


2. You can give your rule a descriptive name and then click +Add Action

3. Click Select Action to Perform (In our example scenario, we are setting a Condition)

4.​ Select your logical operator from the dropdown next to IF. (For this example we will be using AND because we want the order to meet BOTH conditions)

5. ​In the dropdown menus next to your operator, select Compare Order Attribute set the conditions that you want to have met. (In this case we want the Shipping Address to be Canada AND a signature is required)

6. Click the blue +Add Action  button in the active rule window

7. Select the action to perform from the dropdown menu. (For our example, we will select Shipping Transformer)

8. From the dropdown menu, select the SHIP VIA value that meets your needs. (For our example, we will select FedEx International Priority)

9. To finish, first click OK and then click Save changes