Connecting to Your Fulfillment Provider

To connect to your fulfillment provider, complete the following steps:
  1. Clicking Warehouses from Dashboard
  2. Selecting Warehouse
  3. Naming Your Warehouse
  4. Allowing API Access to Warehouse
  5. Clicking Save Changes

Clicking Warehouses from Dashboard

From the PackageBee Dashboard, click Warehouses

Selecting Warehouse

From the Warehouses page, select your warehouse. It will be named "default", and will be set to the provider you selected during signup. 

Naming Warehouse

Enter a name for your Warehouse. 

Allow API Access to Warehouse

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for automated communication between connected systems. In order to automate fulfillment, API Access must be enabled. 

Search for relevant articles here to Allow API Access to Fulfillment Providers

Click Save Changes

Click the blue Save Changes button