Getting Started with PackageBee

Welcome to PackageBee!

This article walks you through the steps of setting up your integration. Steps include:
  1. Adding a Store
  2. Connecting to Your Fulfillment Provider
  3. Configuring Your Store Integration
  4. Creating Order Rules
  5. Enabling Your Store
  6. Testing Orders

Adding a Store

Begin by Adding a Store. View this article to Add a Store

Connecting to Your Fulfillment Provider

Each fulfillment provider will have their own unique protocols required to establish connection. Search for your relevant article by fulfillment provider in the PackageBee Support Center to Connect to Your Fulfillment Provider

Configuring Your Store Integration

Each integration will have its own unique steps required to be successfully configured. Search for your relevant article by e-commerce system in the PackageBee Support Center to Configure Your Store Integration

Creating Order Rules

PackageBee features a robust custom rules engine that allows you to tailor your integration to match unique workflows. One of these rules, the Order Shipping Description Transformer Rule, is required to map your Shipping Methods in your e-commerce system to those at your fulfillment provider. 

View this article to Create Order Shipping Description Transformer Rule

Other custom rules can be applied. Search for other relevant articles in the PackageBee Support Center in the Creating Order Rules Section

Enabling Your Store

After completing the previous steps, you can now Enable your Store. Enabling your Store will begin the process of importing orders from your e-commerce cart. 

View this article to Enable your Store

Testing Orders

After enabling your Store, orders will be imported and sent to your fulfillment provider. You can also create test orders from your e-commerce system. Once these orders are sent to your fulfillment provider, please communicate with your fulfillment provider to make sure they are seeing the orders enter their system correctly. Once the fulfillment provider has marked the items as Shipped, shipping and tracking information will be automatically pulled from the fulfillment provider and uploaded to your e-commerce system.